Private capital takes the initiative in the rental of housing

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July 17, 2018 . Investing in real estate is increasingly in demand, not only do individuals, but companies are in full search for housing, as investment in them is highly profitable.

Eight out of ten Spaniards are owners of housing, therefore, the big investors are looking for alternatives to be part of this sector. The profitability of investing in housing can easily reach 10% per year.

Despite the increase in mortgages in the last financial year, there are many who end up renting houses, especially the case of young people or workers with average incomes. .

" About 95% of the leased houses are controlled by private individuals, while the remaining 5% belong to companies ", says Luis Gualtieri, Founder of Oi Realtor

Spain has about 18.5 million homes and of all of this, 20% are rental homes within which 4.7 million homes are contributing monthly income. Rents that again have an increase of 3'7%.

The bank is in full increase in mortgages, service offered to individuals who want to invest in homes for rent. This is becoming a business that simplifies the income gain, which serve to address this loan to establish a good maintenance of the home.

" With the new Law of Evictions Express, the owner has the security and certainty that every month he will receive the lease of the house, since, if it is not allowed to evict the house in a period of 30 days ", clarifies Luis Gualtieri, who adds "this new Law is promoting the purchase of houses to later rent them. Business more than profitable at a time when the supply of rentals is quite low compared to the demand. "

Author article: Oi Realtor.