The aid in reforms of houses would revalue the rent

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According to the Andimac study, aid for housing reforms would revalue the rent and there would be a take-off in the construction sector oriented towards reforms.

Previously, in we talked about the new State Plan for Housing Rehabilitation that finally was approved in March .

Well well, according to a study by Andimac, 1.6 million homes could be reformed this year (6% of the total park) thanks to the help for the works inside the buildings and is calculated the average cost of housing in 710 euros. And what are these figures translated into? Well, in that the association calculates that a renovated apartment can get up to 30% more rental income .

That is, aid reforms can greatly promote the market of rent, even more than the sale market. A market that is still booming because of the tourist interest and of the young people for the lease.

To all this we must add that the housing stock in Spain ages 3% each year and that 80% of the total of housing is more than 18 years old, that is why it is necessary to resort to rehabilitation.

This new context will also contribute to the take-off of the construction sector oriented towards housing reforms , but the economic value of construction materials will be increased by 9% (some 22,350 million euros).

Can the deduction be recovered for housing rehabilitation?

Andimac points out that it would be necessary to recover the deduction for rehabilitation in the rent in the state and economic section, which would favor 200,000 homes.

If the autonomies resort to aid of the new State Housing Plan, households could have access to funds that would benefit more of half of the homes in our country.

How much is spent by autonomous community?

The data collected by Andimac show that the households of the regions that would spend an average more on reforms would be found in the Balearic Islands, Madrid and Extremadura. The least: Cantabria and Asturias.