The real estate online: a significant competition for traditional real estate

Real estate online burst into the sector at a thunderous pace making competition with traditional real estate.

And that is because the changes that come with technological advances are inevitable. This has also happened in other sectors, in which digital platforms are having a strong demand from customers (taxi sector, hotelier, travel agencies ...), affecting workers in more traditional activities. Undoubtedly, digital platforms offer services at a much lower price .

The end of digital real estate is the same as traditional real estate: search for real estate and buyers, although they do it online . Currently we can find numerous agencies that work only online . Among them: Lemonkey, Cliventa or Housell. In order to get an idea of ​​the competition, it has been calculated that in the United Kingdom, digital companies cover 5% of the market and that this figure can be tripled within 3 years.

According to Ignacio Martínez-Avial , (CEO of Corporate Business Development of Aguirre Newman and head of the new Aguirre Newman Digital division), these real estate companies "have come to stay" and cover a market group "that does not need face-to-face advice".