The new regulation of holiday rentals in the Canary Islands is prepared

The Canary Islands Government presented last May a draft of the new decree to regulate holiday rentals in the archipelago . The idea is to prevent its development on residential land in tourist areas, although with exceptions.

According to the Regional Tourism Minister, Isaac Castellano, the Government's objective is " update "the regulations, the" sustainability and quality "and avoid the" disorderly growth "on the territory. In addition, it opens the door for local corporations to establish " exceptions " or set "flexible frames", making it clear that by urban hierarchy, the criterion of the town councils will prevail over that of city councils.

On the other hand, the draft decree details differences between owners . Those who have three or more homes will have a professional activity category and must have workers and minimal equipment, as well as rural houses. A 24-hour telephone should also be operative to register incidents.

Regarding the digital platforms , the draft states that the homes offered must have the registration number and if It detects some irregular place, they must be eliminated within a maximum period of six months.

Likewise, the counselor has stressed that the decree does not take measures on the communities of owners , and that the horizontal property law is the responsibility of the State.

According to the latest study of the Autonomous Community in 2017, the Canary Islands have a total of 31,970 houses on vacation rental (almost 6% more than the previous year) and a total of 131,030 beds (1% more). Of these, more than 6,000 houses are authorized by the councils.

The draft submitted is now submitted to a public information period to be finally approved by the Government Council at the end of the year.

Holiday rental homes will have six months to adapt to the new regulations once they are approved, leaving the green islands out of regulation.

To carry out the application of the decree, the Autonomous Community a tourism inspection plan will be initiated that will "attend" the vacation rental "in an outstanding manner."